Norm Henderson is an ex-hockey player who was banned from hockey for life for gambling and tax evasion. Now he must do 5 years of community service as a social worker or go to prison. His ...

Genre: Comedy

Director: Bruce Helford , Norm MacDonald

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1999

IMDb: 7.9

Season 1 - Norm
"Norm Henderson is an ex-hockey player who was banned from hockey for life for gambling and tax evasion. Now he must do 5 years of community service as a social worker or go to prison. His client today is a prostitute who works at a massage parlor. He tries to get her into a group home but she refuses to go so he forces into one. She files a report stating that he paid her 50 bucks to lie to his boss about having gotten a new job but it gets intercepted by Laurie and his boss doesn't find out about it. Also Norm gets a dog."
"Norm meets a woman in a bar while trying to help a pathologically shy guy. He starts dating her but finds out she's one of Laurie's clients. Dating a client can get you fired so she stops her sessions. Laurie warns Norm that this is still a bad idea but he doesn't listen until it's too late. Danny has to help a client who has a phobia about water."
"Danny's dad comes to town and takes a liking to Norm. Norm fears he might be hitting on him. Danny feels neglected by his father."
"Laurie gets a new boyfriend but can't seem to fall asleep with him so she gets Norm to put her to sleep. Larry gets a girlfriend but finds out that she works for a toupee company she's just using him because he got a new toupee. Norm likes a girl who's in love with his fiery temper he used to have during his hockey years."
"Norm goes drinking with a client and wakes up in rehab. He finds out that if he's an alcoholic he has less work to do so he fakes being an alcoholic. When he's asked to give a speech he exposes his lie."
"Mr. Curtis leaves when he tries to kill Norm. Laurie thinks she's the new boss but the job is appointed to someone else. Norm loves Mr. Denby, the new boss, because he doesn't want Norm to do anything. Laurie on the other hand hates him. That is until he gives the job of co-supervisor. She hates the job when she learns she has to fire a co-worker, so she quits. Norm and Danny try to get her job back by getting Mr. Denby fired for racial slurs. Mr. Denby however never said anything wrong but Norm tells him that he's a Gypsy(which is a lie) and was offended when Mr. Denby said that he had gotten gypped. The trick worked and Laurie got her job back."
"Norm tells Mr. Denby's son that he should follow his dreams but Mr. Denby wants his son to go to military school. Norm thinks that if he Jason prepares a meal for his father (Mr. Denby) he'll see that his son a real talent. After eating the meal Jason tells Norm that the secret ingredient is marijuana. Norm and Mr. Denby are stoned and Norm has to face his probation officer."
"Norm goes drinking and accidentally sleeps with a really annoying and rude woman everyone at the office hates. Danny has a client who's extremely hairy. Laurie needs to get her driver's license to drive a van for \"\"Meals For the Homeless\"\"."
"Norm, embarrassed about being the new \"Agony of Defeat\" on ABC's Wide World of Sports, asks to be reinstated into hockey so he can play in a charity game and regain his somewhat good name. They choose against it so he takes on a high profile case in hopes that they'll change their minds."
"Norm's old coach comes back to train him so he can play in the charity hockey game. His coach is not as Norm remembers him, he is now really overweiht Norm also finds out that his coach is the one who ratted him out to the IRS. So he fires him and hires Danny."
Season 2 - Norm
01 Mar 2000
"In this episode, viewers are encouraged to pick up on 50 references to classic movies. Norm confronts his fear of doctors, Laurie confronts her fear of puppets; Danny confronts his fear of public speaking; Artie confronts his fear of peeing in front of strangers."
08 Mar 2000
"Norm tries to think of a way to pay for Jenny's veterinarian school studies. Jenny's fianc\u00e9 takes his revenge upon Norm for stealing her away at the alter. Taylor, Laurie, and Danny enlist Denby's help with a dead man."
"Norm tries to cheer up Laurie by giving her a party and inviting all her success stories but accidentally invites all of her failures, which incites her to work harder. Danny is afraid that an old friend of Taylor's is trying to steal her away from him."
Season 3 - Norm
04 Oct 2000
"Everybody makes fun of Laurie for her new overly-dramatic actor boyfriend. Norm is forced to make a deal with Denby to respect him around the office and get the others to fall into line."
06 Oct 2000
"Shelly has moved back from Colorado. Denby is forced to moved his office out into the work area while it's being worked on. After finding journal pages in the office printer, Norm is lead ..."
13 Oct 2000
"Danny proposes to Taylor and Norm worries Danny will find out Taylor's hidden feelings and be crushed."
20 Oct 2000
"In order to try and get Shelly to like him again, Norm agrees to help her with a group of troubled young teenage girls, but things go wrong and Norm creates a mess which ensnares Shelly, ..."
27 Oct 2000
"In order to get Shelly to like him, still, Norm tries to attend a party dressed as a fireman, but he's already agreed to take some kids from a dangerous neighborhood go Trick-or-Treating, ..."
03 Nov 2000
"Norm pokes fun of Laurie for dating a much younger man, and after Laurie tells him he couldn't get a younger girl, he gets one just to prove Laurie wrong, but things don't work out how he'd hoped."
10 Nov 2000
"Norm pokes fun of Laurie for dating a much younger man, and after Laurie tells him he couldn't get a younger girl, he gets one just to prove Laurie wrong, but things don't work out how he'd hoped."
24 Nov 2000
"Laurie becomes paranoid her relationship with the much younger man, Dale, will come crashing to an end. Danny learns he's related to one of the most famous mass-murdering tyrannical despots..."
01 Dec 2000
"Norm sets Laurise up at the last second with a doctor who is a patron at the bar so he can go play tennis with Shelly, but when Norm is a bad winner, Shelly becomes a tennis monster."
08 Dec 2000
"When Laurie mentions her, Danny, Shelly, and Denby are each taking in a foster kid for a week while they transition into a new home, Norm becomes surprised nobody thinks he would do it, and..."
15 Dec 2000
"It looks like Billy may have some foster parents. Norm and Denby start their social worker classes as ordered by a panel a few episodes earlier."
05 Jan 2001
"Artie uses an electric device that shocks the muscles, to help him lose weight, but there are unintended consequences. Norm selfishly uses group therapy to get Shelly to like him again, but..."
12 Jan 2001
"After Norm's dad shows up after being out of his life for a long time, Norm and Artie regress and seek his approval. Danny has feelings for Shelly. After Shelly and Denby go to a symphony, Denby convinces himself Shelly is red hot for him."
26 Jan 2001
"Danny makes his move on Shelly, but is wary of her ex, Norm. After Denby's last shred of dignity is destroyed, he quits. Shortly afterward, Laurie becomes the new boss but she is unhappy in the new position, wanting Denby back."
02 Feb 2001
"Now with Danny and Shelly dating, and Taylor and Norm dating, things become awkward. Denby lobbies for better conditions in the men's restroom. The relationships become strained when Danny finds out Taylor still has feelings for him."
"No description"
16 Feb 2001
"Norm asks for and gets a raise approved by Denby, but once Denby announces his dog Fifi is pregnant, Norm worries his raise is in jeopardy when he realizes Wiener Dog may be the father. ..."
23 Feb 2001
"Norm's friendship with Laurie becomes trained now that he is homeless and living with her. A girl from Norm's high school that he had a crush on, shows up at the office and has similar ..."
02 Mar 2001
"In six weeks, due to the stress of being homeless and living with Lurie, and Denby, after making Denby homeless, Norm gains a good deal of weight. Lurie awakes nights to find she has been ..."
09 Mar 2001
"In order to avoid insurance fraud Denby has caught him on, Norm has to pretend to be in love with Lurie. Lurie uses this to get a guy she's been trying to hit on, to become interested. ..."
16 Mar 2001
"Norm and Lurie are forced to watch after Hector, a Cuban orphan boy whom sneaked into the country, while the governments decide what to do with him. Lurie turns out to be a lousy mother, though she's completely unaware of it."
23 Mar 2001
"Norm is hired as Mr. Sweeney's assistant and he then blackmails him to get the benefits back. A psychic tells Shelley that she and Norm will be married."
"After being shocked Norm gains the ability to hear other men's thoughts and he uses it to his advantage when he finds out that an old boyfriend of Shelley's is trying to steal her away from him."