Press Gang

A bunch of kids are to make a newspaper for the young, named "Junior Gazette". The series follows these kids both on job and in private.

Genre: Comedy , Drama

Actor: Kelda Holmes , Mmoloki Chrystie

Director: Bill Moffat

Country: UK

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1989

IMDb: 8.2

Season 1 - Press Gang
"Lynda and Spike are both head to head as they compete to come up up with the best front-page headline for the gangs first edition of The Junior Gazette. But are their stories what they seem?"
"Lynda is desperate to finish her story before the deadline. The first edition is released, with much outrage from the public. But luck happens to save the day with a chance encounter."
"There's a new teacher in school having a tough time and Sarah decides to help him on a little when she discovers something about him. Meanwhile at the office the gangs first \"\"journalistic expedition\"\" gets off to a surprising start."
"The gangs first series of serious dilemmas! There's a printer strike and they are forced to have to write the following weeks edition as well, and in only a few hours. Is it possible to write the news before anything actually happens? Sarah is needed back in the office, urgently and Colin gets himself into a tricky financial situation with a photo he hasn't got."
"The gang get suspicious when a moody Lynda makes everyone stay behind to work late, and of course nobody wants to. As for Colin he has a very important meeting with the towns richest man, or does he? The excuses go flying as the gang work out what is really wrong with Lynda and why Spike is acting up."
"A Ghost Writer turns up at the office, producing written articles and television reviews. Who is he? Lynda and Spike work together after Colin comes up with a lead.The gang also enter a competition to win a computor and printer set. Something they desperately need. Colin comes up with an incredible brainwave."
"Kenny investigates a mysterious girl called Jenny, who draws chalk outlines on the pavement outside the Highpoint Flats. He soon finds himself in hot water after finding out more then he intended to..."
"Kenny continues to pursue the girl in order to solve the mystery, but Lynda needs him back at the Junior Gazette. She is eventually forced to take on Spike as her assistant for the day much to her un-delight. Kenny's mystery provokes the teams biggest under cover operation campaign yet, just what is going on?"
"The Junior Gazette is in danger of being suspended by the headmaster as school exams approach and pressure builds. Lynda has serious ambitions much to Sarah's worry, as the gazette starts gaining interest. And the team interview The Phone Ranger. But will Mr Harvey have any of it?"
"Tiddler has a plan to get Lynda and Spike together. Pigeons crowd the gangs newsroom, is this another one of Colins scams? Money goes missing from the schools Judo club. Has the schools known criminal Bobby Tweed stolen it or is he being framed?"
"School, life, The Junior Gazette it all seems to be going perfect, everythings going the way you want it to. Then something happens and the next day getting out of bed is the worst thing you could have done. Are Lynda, Spike, Kenny, Tiddler caught in some weird surreal dream or is life really like this?!"
"Lynda's absent from the newsroom, Colin has got his sights on the editors job and plans to run it HIS way. Can Spike convince depressed Lynda to return to The Junior Gazette and save them from going down the toilet?"
Season 2 - Press Gang
"The local leisure complex is being threatened with closure and The Junior Gazette come up with a great campaign to save it, or so they originally thought. The facts are wrong and the team are forced to write another edition of the paper. Much to Lynda's delight as she uses her own initiative to back the council into a corner. Does she succeed in getting the whole story and revealing the true facts."
"Spike is in trouble with the head when he hits another student, but he won't let anyone help him. Frazz discovers Colin's little plan that involves him as his pawn in his newest venture. Kenny suffers a broken heart when a girl rejects his advances."
"A Creepy statue gives Linda nightmares and determined to work out why, she and Kenny delve into there childhoods, to discover a broken promise to an old lady is the key. Meanwhile Spike is being stalked by a girl Colin wants to date"
"Colin is in trouble with Lynda over the Junior Gazette accounts, and tries to find something to blackmail her with. Spike and Tiddler are assigned to interview grouchy local children's author. Sam, and then Kenny, find it hard to tell a member of the newsteam that she is fired."
"Kenny keeps getting a mis-routed line when phoning his aunt in Glasgow and strikes up a friendship with a girl in Dublin. Raymond Adams, a local amateur actor that Sam fancies, sets his sights on a nervous Sarah, who is about to publish her scathing review of his performance in An Inspector Calls. Matt Kerr has decided that Lynda should go with Spike to an important cocktail party hosted by the owner of the newspaper."
"Lynda and Spike go on their first date - a cocktail party for the paper's owner. But Lynda's fears of a social event may be a problem - not to mention a surprise visit from an Arab trying to sell the oilfields under the school."
"A young girl called Cindy makes trouble for Colin, yet she seems to like Colin and his crazy ideas. But she never wants to go home and shies away from being touched. What is her secret? Meanwhile, Lynda and Spike are going to extreme lengths to hide their relationship from the newsteam, when all at the Junior Gazette are aware of their relationship. Tiddler even re-names her 'productive' pair of rabbits, Henry and George, Lynda and Spike."
"Colin thinks he has worked out Cindy's secret, but what can he do about it? Lynda convinces him to confide in her, as she is concerned that Colin's melancholia may affect the paper's finances, and helps Colin find a way of addressing the terrible issue at hand."
"A pop star has been stranded at the train station and Lynda knows that it would make front page news at The Junior Gazette. Her only chance is to ask Sarah, but Sarah isn't feeling to good about herself. Lynda's desperate for the scoop and goes to lengthly measures to make sure it happens. Leaving poor Sarah questioning herself emotionally."
"There has been a huge explosion at a local block of flats which has a busy record shop underneath. Lynda motivates the team into hurrying to report the breaking news, until she notices that Spike is not present. Lying amongst the rubble, Spike talks to a girl called Mary Brien, buried deeper below the debris and badly injured."
"Spike's out of hospital, but he's not recovered. Lynda, however, would rather compete for a story with him - who is selling the out of date food to the school canteen ?"
"Kenny is oiling the running of the paper even more than usual in the wake of Spike quitting, leaving Lynda even more difficult than usual. But Colin has discovered that Kenny is an aspiring singer and guitarist, and has big plans for him, whether Kenny likes it or not."
"The future of the Junior Gazette is uncertain. As the staffers on the paper are finishing school, the owners want to turn the paper over the the next lot of kids. The Junior Gazette was meant to be a school newspaper, but Lynda and Kenny want to run the paper commercially, employing any staff that wish to remain. They draw up a proposal and submit this to the paper's owners. Colin has groomed Kenny for rock stardom, but his big concert is the same night as the proposal. Spike expresses his feelings for Lynda, but does Lynda feel the same way for Spike? Can she bring herself to say those three little words that Spike wants to hear? Spike threatens to go back to America - but can Lynda decide between Spike and her paper?"
Season 3 - Press Gang
"The Junior Gazette is now a fully fledged commercial business. Sam has gone and so has Spike, who has returned to America. Lynda is having obvious problems coping with him not being there. By chance an invesitgation into the corruptional dealings with the local council leads to a chain reation and a surprise visit from Spike...and a mystery girl."
"The newsroom starts to receive mysterious, threatening phone calls from someone who claims to have attacked a local shopkeeper. The gang reckon they're on to a seriously big storyline, or so they think. Meanwhile Lynda has stolen Spike's passport in order to stop him from returning to America, for good."
"The new recruit, Judy Wellman, seems to go down very well with the lads but unbeknown to them she's only got her eyes set on one, Colin. But is it a case of opposites attract for him? Kenny receives an anonymous letter which contains some strange facts."
"The Staff of the Junior Gazette are held hostage by a gun man, from the local gun club when they print an article wanting gun's banned, everyone co-operates except a stuborn Linda, as the story unfolds it's clear one of the staff has been killed, but who?"
"With the staff being realeased one by one, until only Linda and Spike remain, Sarah finally tells the police the whole story as they attend the funneral of a Junior Gazette member"
"It's make or break time for Spike. He's got to decide which is the girl for him, Lynda or Zoe. Kenny decides it's make or break with him too."
Season 4 - Press Gang
"The owner of the Junior Gazette has died and the gang are forced to review their situation. Colin has the future of the gazette on his shoulders as he is made the head editor. Lynda and Spike appear unexpectedly on a kid's TV show - with explosive results."
"Frazz has been given the opportunity to write an article on his favourite show Colonel X, which was cancelled due to Colonel X's alter ego John England being killed in a car crash. But Frazz is mugged and hit on the head. Fantasy becomes reality when he starts seeing X, but not just him the others as well. Is the truth really out there or are they all going mad. Lynda needs help to get out of a situation involving a date. Is Spike willing to assist her or not?"
"Sarah meets a nervous man named Archie Pressman whilst recording an interview. He is the only person not to be surprised when there is a huge explosion in town."
"Spike's got something to say to his dad, but Colin's got other ideas - he's handcuffed a suitcase to him."
"In a parody of Stakeout, Colin goes undercover as a hotel workman so that Frazz can photograph actor John Hartwood through the window. Protective of his privacy, Hartwood tries to get his minder to make him leave. However, he is still in the room when the actor's girlfriend, Judy Wellman, who Colin had dated in \"Chance is a Fine Thing\", turns up. A lady called Katherine Hill visits Lynda in the newsroom, and they realise that they share many mannerisms."
"While sleeping in the newsroom, Mr Sullivan appears as Lynda's guardian angel. In the style of It's a Wonderful Life, he takes her on a journey into the future to see what becomes of some of the major characters when she is not around. Sarah is a war correspondent, Frazz a radio agony uncle, and Julie has taken over as editor."
Season 5 - Press Gang
"As a result of his crush on the school secretary, Colin discovers that she is having an affair with the headteacher. Since he was one of those responsible for setting up the paper, and therefore their careers, the team debate the morality of printing the story."
"Sarah contemplates her future with the Junior Gazette. Should she stay or should she go? But how will the rest of them handle her decision"
"Is it last day of The Junior Gazette? The gang recollect their thoughts and feelings as Lynda hands them all some sane advice, including Spike."