A Place to Call Home

A mysterious woman is perched between the harsh legacy of World War II and the hope of a new life in Australia.

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 8.3

Season 1 - A Place to Call Home
"Returning to Sydney after twenty years in Europe, nurse Sarah Adams becomes entangled in the lives of wealthy Australian pastoralist family, the Blighs."
"Anna is thrown from her horse. Whilst Anna is okay, the horse is not \u2013 and Sarah is forced to put the stallion down."
"James hides in a lie, blaming the suicide attempt on unrequited love for an unsuitable woman in England."
"Jack and Sarah discover that Bill Gregory, a former army mate of Jack\u2019s, has hanged himself in his kitchen."
"The holiest day in the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur, is fast approaching. It\u2019s a time for Sarah to reflect on her conduct - to repent her own failings and forgive others for theirs."
"Anna and Gino\u2019s romance continues to blossom prompting him to propose."
"Anna asks her Aunt Carolyn for help in procuring contraception for her and Gino."
"Elizabeth is rushed to hospital where Jack confirms she has suffered a heart attack. Jack tenderly looks after Elizabeth as she recovers. Heavily sedated and rambling, Elizabeth comes close to revealing a secret of her past. Elizabeth's frail health sees Anna and Gino decide to postpone telling their families about their relationship, but when Carla finds Anna's contraception hidden in her room, she becomes suspicious and confronts Gino."
"Sarah and George begin a secret affair and start meeting at the cottage for their romantic trysts. Anna attempts to subtly push her father towards Sarah, hoping that if she can get them together then he will be more open to learning about her relationship with Gino, but she is frustrated by the arrival of her aunt Regina."
"On the eve of Remembrance Day, George is asked to host a Japanese trade delegation. Knowing how the community will feel, George asks Jack to come to the reception in the hope that the approval of a former Japanese POW might help deal with any ill feeling, but Elizabeth is concerned about Jack's ability to handle the situation."
"Newly discharged from hospital, Elizabeth is unimpressed by the proprietorial way Regina is behaving towards George and asks her to leave. With tension in the house and James's secretly growing feelings for Harry, Olivia and James agree that the best chance for their family lies in the city. After learning about his affair with Sarah, Elizabeth demands George end it, but he refuses. Meanwhile, Anna tells Gino she is expecting."
"George is delighted when Sarah agrees to marry him, but when Elizabeth discovers her threat to disinherit George has backfired, she resolves to take a different approach. Meanwhile, Anna encounters complications with her pregnancy."
"James sees a psychiatrist who agrees to treat his sexuality, but James and Olivia's hopes of a brighter future are challenged when George arrives and confronts his son. Anna is relieved when Gino believes that she miscarried and they decide to tell their families of their intention to marry. Elizabeth's spirits are buoyed by Regina's seizure of Sarah's job application records, knowing they will help Regina dig up the skeletons of Sarah's past in Europe. But a bigger shock is in store for everyone when a dead body floats on the surface of the river near Ash Park."
Season 2 - A Place to Call Home
"Jack is not happy with Carolyn for having kept secret that they have a daughter. Sarah and Anna start their trial periods in their new homes."
"Following Bert's death and its subsequent cover-up, those involved look for inner peace. Sarah battles her own inner demons aware that Colin's suffering is tenfold."
"As Sarah and George are about to host their engagement party, Sarah confides to her Aunt Peg her darkest secret. Elizabeth needs Prudence's help in her vendetta against Sarah."
"Sarah leads the efforts to rescue James, but his ordeal is not over yet after his sexuality becomes known. A disturbing discovery sees Sarah having no choice but to tell George her darkest secret."
"After Sarah reveals her shocking secret to George, their relationship is thrownapart. The Christmas soir\u00e9e causes Jack's intimacy issues to be brought out."
"Elizabeth arranges a formal party, so that she can show Sarah that she is out of her depth. Carolyn wants Jack to confront his intimacy issues."
"George and Sarah are now closer than ever but they find their happiness being short-lived after they are faced with Regina\u2019s bombshell news."
"Sarah arrives in Paris to try to reconnect with her husband and is shocked by what she finds. Elizabeth pushes George to be truthful, but causes more damage to their already fragile relationship. Regina continues to circle George, putting the next stage of her plan into action. Anna finds out the truth about her real father. Olivia proves the depths she is prepared to go to save her marriage."
"Sarah returns to Inverness with Rene, but may have underestimated her feelings for George. Olivia finds the burden of deception weighs heavily. Anna and Gino prepare for their wedding day. Rattled by Sarahs return, Regina takes extreme measures to get close to George."
"In the final episode, Rene suspects he is standing in the way of Sarahs happiness after witnessing a moment of yearning between her and George. The bliss of Anna and Ginos honeymoon is tainted by Andrew and George has an announcement."
Season 3 - A Place to Call Home
"Sarah chooses to stay with George rather than Ren after the shooting. Regina threatens Sarah's future and George's condition endangers Elizabeth's health. Anna and Gino's honeymoon is clouded by the contents of Swanson's letter and Sarah tells Jack a secret."
"George chooses a new career which suits Regina's plans. Tension at Ash Park increases as Gino's disgust at James' nature becomes obvious. Sarah remembers her shocking past and, after Rene retreats into mental despair, she makes a heartbreaking decision."
"Elizabeth's desire to make her life meaningful finds her meeting a charming gentleman. Gino outlines his dream to Anna of becoming a successful wine maker, and a charismatic painter comes to Ash Park and develops a rapport with Olivia. Sarah is in Sydney, on a quest to find a doctor who will terminate her pregnancy, keeps the truth from Aunt Peg"
"Olivia is shaken by Lloyd's kiss and Anna realises that Gino's dream means a lot of hard work. Sarah crosses path with a young girl at the abortion clinic, who is later brought to her for help. Elizabeth begins work at Douglas' refuge."
"Douglas' romantic advances cause Elizabeth to withdraw. Carolyn and Regina row over James, and Regina tactically retreats to the Walker Farm. Sarah and Jack have the abortionist arrested and Sarah reunites with Rene."
"Sarah fights to save her unborn baby as George discovers of her pregnancy. Olivia continues to fall for Lloyds charm but she is determined to end the affair as her guilt intensifies. After an argument with James, Olivia discovers Baby George missing. In Sydney, Douglas visits Elizabeth and puts his heart on the line, declaring he has feelings for her. Rene\u2019s health deteriorates as he puts Sarah\u2019s life in danger."
"Regina sets out to destroy any chance of happiness for George and Sarah. Elizabeth takes a remarkable step towards happiness while Anna questions her relationship with Gino. Carolyn finally confides in Jack just as his career is on the line and James and Olivia reaching breaking point."
Season 4 - A Place to Call Home
"The death of a local schoolteacher leads Sarah to a shocking discovery. Elizabeth's new attitude toward life stuns the family. George takes charge of James and Olivia's separation as they struggle to move on with their new lives."
"As Sarah faces Sgt. Taylor's strong suspicion that she murdered Milly, Regina weaves another web to keep George trapped. James is rattled a confession from Olivia."
"When Sarah and Roy go to Sydney to deal with Sgt. Taylor's accusation, Sarah finds more than she bargained for. Henry's confession forces James to sort out his true feelings."
"Elizabeth takes advantage the chance to battle Regina and Sir Richard at the Prime Minister's dinner. Harry helps Sarah heal some deep emotional scars, and George restores order at Ash Park."
"Sarah, Elizabeth, and Anna devise a plan to destroy Regina. James shares his feelings with Henry --but will Harry's return spell trouble? Regina initiates a dangerous new strategy to get rid of Sarah."
"Sarah tells George that she invited Harry to stay with her and Roy, a decision that angers Elizabeth, who can't help but interfere. Elizabeth and Sarah become adversaries again over whether or not Harry should remain in Inverness."
"Carolyn and Jack continue to be apprehensive about Sir Richard's threats against them, even as their wedding day approaches. Harry and Roy notice Milly's fiance, Gordon Walsh, following Sarah and warn her that she may be in danger."
"Jack and Carolyn's honeymoon is interrupted by the revelation that Sir Richard is targeting Douglas's refuge for needy veterans. As George prepares to leave for Canberra, Sarah asks the Bligh family to keep away from the birth to avoid scandal."
"After a long and difficult labor, Sarah gives birth, but the baby's future remains uncertain. Carolyn tries to follow Sarah's wishes and prevent Elizabeth from telling George the news."
"Elizabeth calls Anna and Gino back from Italy to set her plan against Regina in motion, but Gino disapproves of her using Rose. George and Regina return to Inverness from Canberra, unaware of the trap Elizabeth has laid."
"The Bligh family lets Regina think she's won, while George carries out his own plans. James and Harry attend the party in Sydney with Henry's friends, but Harry feels left out. Gordon resumes his stakeout on Sarah."
"With Regina on the run, George and Jack press Rose for information on her whereabouts. As tensions come to a head, Regina and Sarah face a desperate confrontation."
Season 5 - A Place to Call Home
"No description"
"ANZAC Day, 1958. Sarah and Henry clash when an Aboriginal patient named Frank Gibbs brings out the hidden prejudice in society. Elizabeth's life in the city is turned upside down when Douglas begins coughing up blood. Anna finally accepts her divorce from Gino by refusing to let their story influence her next book. George visits Regina in the mental asylum and is offered a divorce. Leah, a local Jewish teenager, runs away with her non-Jewish boyfriend, Larry. Henry takes his frustration of James' absence on others. Jack realises that Carolyn is missing life in the city."
"Sarah and George continue their difficult conversation about religion. Anna is sabotaging her writing career yet again while dealing with the attentions of her publisher."
"Two months have passed. George meets with a rabbi in the city to discuss the process of conversion. Carolyn clocks Jack\u2019s reluctance to change but busies herself advocating for Frank\u2019s art."
"Anna decides to reject Ed's marriage proposal and revert their relationship to one of complete professionalism. Sarah threatens Regina's life, before agreeing to go to Canberra with George. Carolyn's rape by Sir Richard Bennett is revealed to George in a letter from Regina. Elizabeth learns that Douglas' cancer has returned after he begins coughing blood again. Larry and his friends harass Regina by throwing bottles at her house and hanging a baby doll on her verandah. Jack and Douglas propose a program to Frank to help Aboriginal men who served in the war. Regina informs Sir Richard that she is back in Inverness, as per their plan."
"Frank loses his paintings and his home after sadistic local football coach, Stan O'Rourke burns his house down. Regina attempts to stop George and Sarah walking into Sir Richard's web in Canberra. Jack and Henry clash over whether to tell Douglas his diagnosis, against Elizabeth's wishes. After Elizabeth disapproves her novel, Anna attempts to have it edited, but Ed refuses. Elizabeth breaks the news to Douglas that he is dying. In Canberra, the Prime Minister berates George for bringing Sarah and then, Sarah suffers a panic attack when she sees a former guard from Ravensbr\u00fcck."
"Sarah is plunged into a dark place and must confront the demons of her past. Larry is taught a valuable lesson and is redeemed. Douglas finally realises his prognosis, Anna and Carolyn realise that Regina may deserve their trust."
"One month later, in the midst of the family\u2019s grief, George must deal with a rabid Sir Richard keen on finding out George\u2019s decision regarding the upcoming federal election."
"Elizabeth's happiness in the city is soon replaced by shock when she learns that Douglas has named his supposedly deceased son Matthew in his will. Regina continues to string Sir Richard along, this time warning Henry of his capabilities. George questions whether he should sell off some land to repay his debts. Carolyn's obscure cake is a hit at the hospital f\u00eate, with Doris inviting her to join the CWA. Anna and Olivia night of fun becomes a learning experience for both of them, as Anna surrounds herself with drugs and Olivia realises it's time to move on. Sarah and George must place their faith in Regina when coming up with an idea to stop Sir Richard once and for all."
"Jack decides to run for parliament as an independent after much consideration. Elizabeth welcomes Matthew into the family, as he asks Olivia to dinner. Sarah questions whether Regina's motives are genuine. Regina signs the divorce papers. Sir Richard pays Elizabeth a visit, to pay his respects after Douglas' passing. News of Dawn's pregnancy begin to spread. Henry and Jack learn that the latter's medical records have been requested by the Board. Carolyn learns the truth of Jack's addiction to pills. Three months later, Jack is seen stumbling through a paddock, drunk."
"Two weeks until the federal election and Jack embraces a rigorous campaign schedule. Sir Richard\u2019s suspicions of a subterfuge deepen. Elizabeth launches Douglas\u2019 veteran\u2019s fund to representatives of the Australian-Aboriginal Fellowship. With one deft strike, Sir Richard\u2019s destruction of Jack Duncan looks complete. A body is pulled from the river."
"Jack is found by Roy, intoxicated, still struggling with his public humiliation. After finding Regina's body, Sarah and Henry perform an autopsy and must inform the Bligh family that she was dead before she went into the river. Elizabeth urges George to reconcile with James. Anna and Henry's drunken night of fun turns passionate when the two have sex. Matthew proposes to Olivia, and she accepts. George loses the election to the Labor candidate. After Valda, the nurse he was blackmailing, comes forward to police, Sir Richard is arrested for Regina's murder."
"Anna's world is shattered when Henry refuses to marry her after learning she cannot conceive children. Olivia and Matthew prepare to move overseas. Sir Richard is vindicated when Sarah learns that Regina killed herself to frame him and rid him from the lives of the Blighs forever. Elizabeth confronts Sir Richard one final time, armed with the fruit knife she attacked him with, and forces him out of their lives. Jack reclaims his dignity after he confronts Stan O'Rourke. Sarah, George and David visit the French Riviera, where George makes amends with James, before heading to Israel."
Season 6 - A Place to Call Home
"No description"
"Sarah and George's wonderful news signals the beginning of a new era at Ash Park. James' return rattles Henry."
"Sarah supports a heartbroken Roy in the aftermath of Dawn and the baby\u2019s death. Stan\u2019s harsh attack forces Elizabeth to question her place in the family. Henry\u2019s life is changed forever."
"Dawn\u2019s funeral brings healing for some, while the consequences of Henry\u2019s accident brings soul-searching for others."
"Will Sarah, George and Jack\u2019s investigation into Henry\u2019s accident lead to another tragedy?"
"A near-fatal encounter with Stan brings Sarah\u2019s deepest fear to the surface. Elizabeth is challenged by Matthew\u2019s brutal assessment of her biggest flaw."
"Sarah finds the strength to face her biggest fear and embrace happiness with George and David."
"Jack and Carolyn\u2019s marriage is under threat as Delia hovers dangerously but can she strike?"
"Sarah challenges Jack to communicate with Carolyn. Anna gives birth, bringing joy to the family but can it also bring healing to her parents? Olivia returns with unexpected news."
"As the Blighs celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah, Jack slips further into depression, until a conversation with Frank inspires him to make a courageous decision; Elizabeth sets up her maternity hospital; the family urges Carolyn to reach out to Jack."